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In the M-course (medicine) you will be prepared for studying in medicine, pharmacy, biology and related subjects.


In the M course you have per week:

German - 10 lessons .

Mathematics - 8 lessons .

Chemistry - 4 lessons .

Physics - 4 lessons .

Biology - 6 lessons .


If you would like to take part in the preparatory course at the " Studienkolleg Hannover - STH ", you must first pass an entrance examination ( entrance test ). This exam consists of 3 parts:

  1. An interview (your motivation will be checked).

  2. A German test (level B2).

  3. A math test (school knowledge).


The complete test takes 2 hours and takes place 4 times a year. The results are known after 10 days. The exam costs 90 euros.


You can register for the exam online on the page here or in the office (Hamburger Allee 42, 30161 Hannover).


If you have passed the entrance exam, the following documents are required before you start the preparatory course and we will make an agreement with you:

1. an admission from a university in Germany (ask us, we will explain how you can get admission).

2. A school leaving certificate (officially translated and certified).

3. a certificate that you have passed the entrance examination in the "Studienkolleg Hannover - STH".


After checking your documents, you conclude an agreement with the “ Studienkolleg Hannover - STH ”. You will also receive a certificate for your visa that you will study at the "Studienkolleg Hannover - STH" for one year.

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